Build credit by paying rent — any way you want to pay

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Pay your landlord online

Month after month, you pay rent—but even though it’s your biggest monthly expense, it hasn’t impacted your credit score. Until now.

RentTrack gives you a way to build credit, with the payments you’re already making.


1. Pay your rent online using credit or EFT


2. RentTrack pays your Landlord via direct deposit


29 Points

3. You build credit, reporting to Equifax.

A smarter way to build credit


By reporting your payments the right way, we’ve seen scores increase 29+ points.

How it works

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Your Information

RentTrack will validate your identity by asking you a few verification questions.

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Landlord Information

When you enter your rental address, we'll let you know if your landlord is already signed up.

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Build Credit

All you do is pay your rent on time using RentTrack each month, and build credit as you do.

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Is my landlord onboard already?

We'll let you know if your landlord is onboard when you sign up. You'll have a chance to review pricing, and payment delivery times, before you send your first payment.

Rental payment information is more important than ever

Good credit opens doors—but bad credit closes them. This means the more credit history you have, the better. Rental payment information is one of the easiest ways to show your creditworthiness over time. Less than 1% of credit files contain rental entries, but more and more lenders are looking for data to decide your strength when buying a car, applying for a loan, a mortgage, insurance, or even your next job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my rent show up on my credit report?

Your payments will be reported to Equifax. RentTrack reports your rental as a new account on your credit profile. This account does not add debt.

How do I know my rent payment is set up?

Your dashboard will always show you the status of your payment. You can see when it will be withdrawn, sent, and received. You'll also see once it has been reported to Equifax.

Why do I have to verify my identity?

In order to protect the private information in your credit file, we need to verify that you are the person represented by the file by asking a series of credit questions.

How to sign up for RentTrack without involving a landlord

In order to pay your rent online, your landlord has to already be using landlord. If they're not, you'll have the option to invite them to join.

Build credit as you pay rent online®

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Secure Practices

We use state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission.

EI3PA Compliant

Certified in Experian’s compliance requirement to protect consumer’s credit data.