The only way to build credit without taking on new debt

Paying online is more than just convenient. You'll build credit history with every rent payment.

“We spent years fighting to make rent reporting a real part of your credit history, and we're thrilled that you can now get credit for your largest monthly expense.” - Matt Briggs, CEO

RentTrack is a secure credit reporting agency

Rent payments will show up on your credit report as another account. It appears just like a charge card or mortgage, with one key difference: you don’t need to take on more debt to get the credit you should already be earning.

With each payment, you receive a positive mark on your credit report – the longer you demonstrate responsibility, the better your credit.

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A positive rental tradeline with no added debt on your credit history


A tradeline is the industry's term for an account on your credit report. Those accounts collectively define your credit score. When we process your payment or verify your existing rent payment, we securely report this data to each credit bureau. Every month, you'll see confirmation that your rent was reported.

How does rent show up on my credit report?

Your rental payment information will be included as part of your standard credit report. Your positive rental payment data allows you to establish or build credit history.

Will rent reporting impact my FICO score?

Rent payments are used to formulate your FICO 9 score and VantageScore.

What type of rent information is in my report?

Your report shows your rental property details and how much your monthly rent payment is. This updates monthly.

How do lenders use my rent information?

Your rental tradeline is used in different scoring models, such as FICO 9 score and VantageScore, and is also accepted by CMHC for mortgage decisions.

To do it right, RentTrack sets a higher standard

RentTrack is secure
PCI Compliant

PCI compliance ensures your sensitive data is protected. We work with an independent security assessor to conduct audits of our processes and systems to uphold the highest PCI standards.

EI3PA Compliant

EI3PA is Experian’s compliance requirement to protect consumers' credit data. We hold this certification to uphold our commitment to security.

Identity Verification

We are subject to KYC (“Know Your Customer”) and AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) regulations. This means we verify the identity of all parties in a transaction.

Regular Scanning

We use the best tools available for SSL Certificates and regular security scanning.

What we need and why
Secure Practices

We use state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission and in our databases. We do not store sensitive credit or banking data on our servers.


We built the rent reporting industry

We’ve always believed it is your right to have your largest expense reported on your credit profile, which is why we pioneered rent reporting.


Years of security & compliance history allow us to safely handle millions of dollars per day.

We treat your information seriously

RentTrack is a certified credit reporting agency. We not meet all standards for security.


Secure Customer Communications


Thorough Identity Verification


Public Record Monitoring


Real-Time Credit Account Alerting


Monthly Credit Summary and Score


Award Winning Member Service

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